Teen 2019 Newsletter

Hello Southwest Family,

My name is Alivia Grace Abram, and I’m so excited to have recently been crowned Miss Southwest Michigan Teen 2019. I’m excitedly looking forward to my year of service representing the Southwest Michigan area while raising money for my platform, Enriching the Lives of Children through Music.

I am fourteen years old and an eighth-grader at F.C. Reed Middle School in Bridgman, Michigan. However, next autumn, I will be a freshman at Bridgman High School. I have lived in Bridgman my entire life, and I’ve attended Bridgman Schools since the first grade. For all four years of middle school, I’ve participated in the school’s band program as a part of the percussion section. I volunteer as an assistant teacher twice a week for the Children’s Ministry at my church. I enjoy gardening, playing tennis, and paddle boarding, however, my love of the arts will always rise to the top. I absolutely love sketching, singing, acting, and playing various musical instruments, including violin, piano, and percussion. As a career, my dream is to become a professional actor on Broadway. More realistically, I would like to become a conductor for a local orchestra.

My platform is Enriching the Lives of Children through Music. I decided to support this platform because I know not everyone has the opportunity to experience music. Music has always been and continues to be a huge part of my life. However, learning music is more than just playing the notes correctly or understanding rhythms, you also learn essential skills such as responsibility and discipline. I believe if more people have the opportunity to experience music, they would not only learn these important skills, but they would also have an outlet for their emotion and a way to use their creative energy. I hope to help these ideas become reality while I support my platform as Miss Southwest Michigan Teen 2019.


Alivia Grace Abram
Miss Southwest Michigan Teen 2019