Schedule of Appearances

Apr / May / June 2019
Date Time Reps Event
4/13/19 7am Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P Dress Rehearsal BHS PAC
4/26/19 8am Mrs,Ms,M,T Judges Orientation
4/27/19 8am Mrs,Ms,M,T,PT,P Interviews
4/27/19 6pm Mrs,Ms,M,T Programs
4/29/19 8-3pm New Mrs,,M,T Press Day
5/20/19 6pm Mrs., M, T Board Meeting
5/24/19 Noon Mrs., M, T St. Joseph Memorial Day Parade St. Joseph
5/26/19 8am-Noon Mrs., M, T Sister Lakes Lions Pancake Breakfast Club House
5/27/19 11am Mrs., M, T Bloomingdale Parade & Lunch
6/2/19 9am-5pm Mrs., M, T Sponsor Day
6/8/19 1-4pm Mrs., M, T Hartford Strawberry Festival
6/15/19 9-1pm Mrs., M, T June Car Wash Fundraiser
6/24/19 6pm Mrs., M, T Board Meeting 60 Days
6/26/19 6-9pm Mrs., M, T Wine & Canvas Fundraiser
6/29/19 1:00pm Mrs., M, T 4th of July Parade Watervliet
6/29/19 4:30pm Mrs., M, T Sister Lakes Lions Fireworks