Pre-Teen 2018 Newsletter

Dear Southwest Family,

It is hard to believe it is already time for my final newsletter as Southwest Michigan’s Pre-teen.  I have been so blessed to have had this opportunity to raise dollars for my platform of the Therapeutic Equine Center.  I hope these dollars will help the center continue doing its great works.

This winter I have been busy working with my sister representatives on community events.  We had so much fun at the ice festival in St. Joseph.  I have been so very blessed to have this last year to grow and experience a year of giving back to the many wonderful people of South West Michigan.

The Christmas Tour Show was a great success I hope that we brought much joy and Holiday cheer to the many nursing homes we got to visit.  I know that I will miss each one of the residents I have gotten to know over the last year.  It will be hard to say good bye to them on our last tour. 

I would like to thank the organization for giving so much to the youth of Southwest Michigan.  This program teaches us so much about ourselves and the community around us.  Even if you’re not chosen as a representative, just going through this program is amazing.  From the start you are taught empowerment and respect for yourself and others.  Southwest Michigan Scholarship program instills values, trust, etiquette, teamwork, responsibility and so much more. I can truly say my years in this program have molded me into the young women I am today.  Thank you South West and I truly hope there will be many years and many more young people touched by this organization.

I would like to take the time to thank all the travel companions for taking time out of their busy lives to accompany us.  So often you made these long days so much fun.  Thank you, Frederic and Kimberly, for all you have done over the years.  To Mckenna you will always be my sister.  Ashley, I aspire to be like you! You have served your title with grace, honor and dignity.  Brianna, thank you for always hugging me back. Thank you for being you. Renee thank you for always making sure that we look amazing and for always being able to take something so simple and make it fabulous.  I know there are so many more that I did not mention.  I want to say Thank you so very much for your time and effort that allows us to have this great experience.  To our Sponsors… THANK YOU! Without your generosity this would not be possible.  For the last time.

Yours in Christ,

London Adriannne Jolynn Tucker
2018 Southwest Michigan’s Pre-Teen
Once a Southwest Girl, ALWAYS a Southwest Girl